Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So this is the interlude... Or something...

Well, I'd like to thank everyone so far that has been reading my blog... I didn't think that it would do this well at this point in time but there have been many views so I must be doing something right. I'd hoped to write review blogs way more frequently but life factors often get in the way (Unfortunately).

Besides that, it’s been quite eventful on the gaming front lately. We have had Halo Reach released and are now satisfied with the amazing online multiplayer glory and my god its fun. I’ve been playing it for hours and hours and I am still loving it (Only hating the snipers!) I also started up my xbox the other day put in the Halo disk waited for the glory-ness to load and to my great pleasure there is now Living Dead as an actual playlist, how exciting! For those who enjoy Griffball we will be seeing that come as a playlist over the Christmas holidays. Also if you are thinking about getting some points to get something then save them! Halo Reach will have a map pack released on the 30th of November which will include three new maps for 800 Microsoft points. I love the community forge creations, especially the race maps many of which are very enjoyable indeed, and if you make them... thankyou!!!

The latest edition to my game collection has been Fallout: New Vegas. I so happy that I've got this game to be honest... There has been so many mixed emotions about this game that I've noticed on many forums and it is all due to the bugs lurking in the game, I guess I'm one of the fortunate few that have not had many issues or personal complains with the game. There are still a few bugs present in the game; I have found a mutant bug floating in the air and it didn’t have wings and that was since the released patch over the weekend, there will be other patches released over time as more bugs are noticed.

Vegas would have to be my favourite game at the moment, there is something so mystical about it you see... it has the most simple concept, walk around, kill stuff, open boxes and talk to people but you just keep wanting more. It’s such an ‘I want to escape from my life’ kind of game.

I think I love gaming too much... way too much for a girl at least, haha. I’ll have a new review up real soon. Hit me up with a comment if you have any games you’d like to see me review, I'm all up for suggestions and I will go to any measures to review the game whether I have to rent it or something I’ll do my best (I promise) and I have a few platforms (Xbox360, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Wii and PC)

So I'm now signing off on this blog with a goodnight to you all around the world. Remember, the virtual world is the best world.

Bye bye... for now J



  1. Just read through your reviews, they're really good! I'm gonna have to check through here before I buy a new game

  2. I really prefer PC Gaming myself

  3. I'm more for PC gaming but I liked the review. You're a great writer, I'll be back :)

  4. the problem is vegas and fallout 3 are too similar in my opinion

  5. I really like your blog, very nice layout, feeling a bit jealous :P

  6. i took a break from vegas...damn thing kept freezing on me but im busy playing undead nightmare for red dead redemption...SO MUCH FUN

  7. Old games are the best. You cant beat sonic

  8. Glad you're enjoying fallout, when you don't get any bugs it's incredible. I'd say better than 3.