Thursday, October 28, 2010

What I've realised about gaming...

So, after a very hot day (now that the REAL hot Aussie weather has decided to make its way back to us for another year) i find myself blogging... as a matter of a fact I’m multitasking, playing Reach and blogging all at once (GO ME!).

The reason i decided to write this post is because i feel proud that I did so well in a game of Halo just then but without getting all psychological on you, isn't the feeling of doing good in a game just amazing?! I know it’s sort of odd to say that and I think many people don't even realise the self satisfaction whether it be a multi-kill in a deathmatch game or beating an extremely annoying boss level. It seems any kind of well doing in a game makes us feel as happy as a ...ummm... fluffy little marshmallow, or the alike of course.

What I’m getting at is that those of us who love gaming seem to be at our happiest element when we are gaming... and its true if you actually think about it (YAY for gaming!). Alas, if we play games that exasperate us into a rage quit, well... clearly that will have some kind of negative effect... of which, some people will throw their gaming console of choice out their window, there are just clearly positive and negative effects of gaming, no in-between.

Beware of gaming, it causes harsh emotional effects.

I'll be off to bed now, thankyou for reading and goodnight.



  1. I love raiding in WOW and beating a boss as a group for the first time. no other feeling, especially if you have spent some serious amount of time trying.

  2. I know what you mean, I used to feel that way. Now, it depresses me, i'm just not happy atm though.

  3. When I play TF2 I do get emotionally invested. I feel proud of myself for taking out the higher ranked players on the server because I know how skilled they are. I also take pride in raising my rank and staying in the top 100, which is actually hard considering how many people regularly play. There's only been a few times when I've gotten...upset about games.

    Feels bad.

  4. I'm not much of a gamer, but whenever I'm playing a shooter with friends I can get a little too into it

  5. I stopped gaming because of this